Bolt EV Stats interfaces with OnStar to collect data about the performance of Chevy Bolt EVs driving in the real world.

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Daily Driving Histogram

This histogram charts the percentage of days that a vehicle has driven a given number of miles. A vehicle's "day" is determined by the time zone of the zip code entered for the car. If the car doesn't have a zip code, central time will be used.

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Group Name Members EV Miles
The Bolt Smugglers 16 126382.92
Toronto Bolt EV's 8 68056.41
San Diego Chargers 3 20642.60
Quebec Bolt ev 11 67848.30
Canada 5 38874.75
BayAreaBolts 16 62236.38
Massachusetts Bolts 2 2263.76
NY Metro (NY/NJ/CT) 4 20175.21
MI Bolts 2 16583.20
Georgia & The Carolinas Bolt EVs 1 4540.81
Florida Bolts 4 10439.36
Bolt EV Challenge CAN 3 28899.56
Southern California Bolts 9 58488.48
Detroit Area Bolts 1 1838.61
Granite State Bolt 1 1580.53
Ohio Bolt Owners 1 4980.99
DFW Bolters 1 1109.27