Details for Volt #2012-10318 (PLUG1N):

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Last Updated: 4/23/2020 10:07:51 AM CST
EV Miles: 135243.49
Total Miles: 135496.20
EV %: 99.8%
MPG: 5622.15
MPGe: 92.62
MPGCS: 10.49
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Comments: What an amazing vehicle! I am trying to use as little gasoline as possible in my Volt.

My miles without gas streak finally ended after 49,737 miles and 862 days. It ended thanks to a body shop that somehow managed to add 0.14 gas miles in spite of a nearly fully charged battery.

I keep less than 1 gallon in my tank to minimize amount of gas to be burned when tank goes stale due to Fuel Maintenance Mode.

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