Details for Volt #2011-03945 (Brent's Volt):

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Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Last Updated: 3/2/2018 10:07:37 AM CST
EV Miles: 71313.75
Total Miles: 79447.80
EV %: 89.8%
MPG: 300.01
MPGe: 77.01
MPGCS: 30.72
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Comments: ***RIP***
On 3/2/2018, this car was totaled in a front end 45 mph crash, driver (myself), and my son in the rear passenger seat are fine, sadly with over 11k in repairs, the car is in the hands of the insurance company. A 2018 volt will be added soon.

I use my Volt for daily driving. Taking my son to and from school. Going to work, running errands, and responding to emergency calls for the Auburn Hills Fire Department.

I'm over 6 years with the Volt, I just drive the car, if I use gas, so be it. After all, that is the point of the volt, right?