Details for Volt #2012-12775 (Joe - LANCASTEROH.COM):

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Location: Lancaster, OH
Last Updated: 11/30/2015 10:27:42 PM CST
EV Miles: 32915.97
Total Miles: 38878.10
EV %: 84.7%
MPG: 226.12
MPGe: 74.46
MPGCS: 34.68
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Comments: I've driven EV's for years, My New Chevy Volt exceeds all my expectations. Very Powerful and Fast, Efficient, Quickly Recharges, Charge time will be unbelievable with my new level 2 charger. Comfort? I call it my magic carpet ride! So smooth, yet totally compliant suspension. Best car ever & I am a certified car nut! This Volt has raised my expectations of what a modern EV can be. Cannot wait until I do solar charging this year - Will display my Volt at the Lancaster Old Car Club Festival in June. When I need to drive long distance, I'm getting 38-45MPG AFTER the engine starts. Highly recommended for anyone wanting the best futuristic car available today at a price that given priority, can be afforded my most working people. Glad to be back behind the wheel of an American Made GM product! I drive 40 miles on $1.00 of electric