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ELR Stats interfaces with OnStar to collect data about the performance of Cadillac ELRs driving in the real world.

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MPG: Simply total miles driven divided by total gallons of gas burned. This is how the Volt reports MPG, although since the electricity is counted as "free" it doesn't give a true picture of the energy used. On the other hand, this is literally accurate. :)

MPGe: Counts all electric miles driven as 93, 94 or 98 "MPGe", depending on the model year of the vehicle. See this wikipedia page for the gory details, but in short, 33.7 kw*hrs of energy has been determined to be equal to one gallon of gasoline, and the Volt is rated at a combined 93 MPGe (0.36 kw*hrs/mi) by the EPA for the 2011 model, 94 MPGe for 2012, 98 MPGe for 2013 and up, and 106 MPGe for 2016 and up. This gives a better account of the true energy usage of the vehicle, in a number that's easily comparable to traditional cars. However, this is just an estimation - I cannot currently read raw kw*hrs from Onstar, so actual energy usage could be better or worse than this number. Hopefully we can get a real MPGe calculation in the near future. The formula is: Total Miles / (Gallons Burned + (EV Miles / EPA rating))

MPGCS: Charge-Sustaining MPG, or what the Volt is getting on gas only.

Currently disabled because the queries are horribly inefficient, sorry... :(

Daily Driving Histogram

Blue Bars Represent:

This histogram charts the percentage of days that a Volt has driven a given number of miles. The green bars represent EV-only usage, and there are multiple options for the blue bars:

  • Total Mileage When Gas Used: If this is selected, the blue bars will represent the total distance driven when any gas was used. For example, if you drove 50 miles, 40 of which were EV powered, you would have a green tick at 40 and a blue tick at 50 in this mode.

  • CS-Only Mileage: In this mode, the blue bars will represent the number of miles driven in charge sustaining mode only. For our 50 miles/40 EV example, you would get a green tick at 40 and a blue tick at 10 in this mode.

  • Nothing - Show EV Only: Obviously, will clear the blue bars and only show EV usage.

In any mode, a day without gas usage will not get a blue tick. A vehicle's "day" is determined by the time zone of the zip code entered for the car. If the car doesn't have a zip code, central time will be used.

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Group Name Members EV Miles Total Miles EV% MPG MPGe MPGCS
Michigan ELR 12 301000.37 471285.77 63.9 95.99 54.93 34.68
SoCal ELR 13 449426.24 649950.90 69.1 96.22 53.12 29.69
TX ELRs 8 241238.64 331008.20 72.9 112.73 56.31 30.57
Mason Dixon ELRs 3 156939.93 251366.52 62.4 87.55 52.53 32.89
Washington State ELR Owners Group 1 17449.78 28079.50 62.1 87.84 52.73 33.25
Black ELRs 6 249842.33 365427.56 68.4 90.64 51.63 28.67